We’ve got water! KZN South Coast Accommodation

At your BillsBest holiday home we have taken extra precautions to protect both you and our staff against the risk of infection.

You WILL have water this holiday!

BillsBest properties listed below have Jojo tanks installed and back up water deliveries available to ensure your comfort over the holiday season.

At our properties listed below in Ramsgate village we have arranged for an independent water delivery service to replenish your supply! The following BillsBest properties have a guaranteed water supply. Minor interruptions may be experienced while we replenish supply.

In the event of a municipal service failure please assist us by using water sparingly, and please notify us timeously in the event you experience a problem so we can arrange to replenish your supply.

Southern Comfort
On-the-Pool | On-the-Rocks | On-the-Sea | Periwinkle | Starfish

Rosscarbery 1 & 5 | Rosscarbery 2 & 6Rosscarbery 7 Rosscarbery 3

Hi Tide | Lo Tide | Between Tides | Rip Tide

Boathouse Bed & Breakfast
Upper Deck | Lower Deck | Cabin | Midships

Whaleback Cottage

The Beach House

Rock Inn

Weavers Nest






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