The Waffle House

A firm favourite on the KZN South Coast…

Many of you will already know of the The Waffle House – Ramsgate and just hearing the name already makes you drool! It’s a must visit if you haven’t already. Set on the stunning coastal lagoon at the Ramsgate Blue Flag Beach, one can take a leisurely stroll through the adjoining Tangle wood forest or go for a paddle-boat ride on the lagoon.

“We believe that food should be fresh, wholesome, nourishing, as well as delicious. Great care is taken in the preparation of your food; this includes the use of whole foods and quality ingredients in our recipes. To make your food just that bit more special, we try to use organically grown vegetables and salad produce whenever possible, avoiding foods that contain additives, preservatives and colorants. We aim to perfect our waffles to every standard measured by our customers individual needs. Please ask your waiter about our gluten, dairy or egg free waffles.” – The Waffle House