You’re invited to join BillsBest’s Bored in the House Challenge.

How to play:
We post the theme for the challenge.
You create a post that fits the theme.
Tag @billsbestholidays in your post & use the hashtag #billsbestboredinthehouse.

Share our post to boost your chances!
New theme & winner will be announced every Friday.

Theme 2: Best “Bored” Game (any game goes).

Prize : Best post wins a 3 night seaside holiday for upto 4 people
Entries for challenge need to be posted by Thursday the 30th of April at Midnight.

Keep it clean, & be sure to follow social media guidelines. Any post will be accepted; image, GIF, video, voice clip, text, you are not limited so get creative. Post must be your own content. 

If you have privacy settings applied on your account send a screenshot of your entry or we won’t see it.

Prize is valid until the end of November 2021 and excludes school and public holidays.

Can’t wait to see your posts… Don’t get bored in the house!

Congratulations to Maritze Roos, winner of the Loony on Lockdown #billsbestboredinthehouse Challenge!

Watch the winning video on the Compo’s comments!